Caracol Caracol

Release Year: 2021
A snail dreams of being a Street Fighter and entering the Second World Warrior Tournament. Hilarity ensues. This process of making this video was collaborative from beginning to end, and I am eternally grateful for everyone who took park in its creation. It has truly been a labor of love. The fact people want to take part in my silly ideas is incredible to me.

Director, editor, music: Juan “Wamoo” Alvarez
Co-director, cinematography: Mallika Chandaria
Movement direction: Dana DePirri
Chun-Li: Geena Quintos
Cammy White: Elinah Shams
Fei Long/Mr. Caracol: A. Sarr
Narrator: Juan Alvarez Sr.
François the Snail provided by: Phen Grant
Sound engineering/additional music production: Nelson Gonzalez