With You (with Ellen Winter)


Music video for Ellen Winter, to support her album “Every Feeling I’ve Ever Felt”.

From Ellen Winter: we first started dreaming up this mirage-a-trois 😏 in October (u know I checked the google cal to confirm) and it tickles me so frickin’ pink seeing how all these pieces came together. I’m a mega fan of Wamoo and I pounced at the opportunity to go ham in front of a green screen.

 if we haven’t spoke at length about our childhoods, I grew up in the THEATER hunny. there was nothing I loved more than getting deep into characters and costuming tf out of it. at some point in adolescence I became self conscious and turned down my brightness – so now it feels SO good to be bold n silly. 

anyway, Wamoo and Chris yes-anded me so hard on this project and I am grateful as all heck for them. Juan crushed it with his video collage skills and I couldn’t be more stoked that this is the first music video off my album.


Song by Ellen Winter
Directed by Juan “Wamoo” Alvarez + Ellen Winter
Shots and Costumes by Ellen winter and Simon Ban
Locations by Simon Ban
Video Produced by Ellen Winter + Juan “Wamoo” Alvarez + Chris Littler